Andreas Hampel and Susanne Riebesehl - Makers of Fine Violins
Since 1992 the two Hamburg-based Geigenbaumeister specialized in making fine copies of violins, violas and violoncellos:
The instruments are estimated not only for their classical appearance but also for their outstanding tonal properties. More and more young musicans play on a new violin, alto or cello made in the workshop of Andreas Hampel and Susanne Riebesehl.

The following copies of fine masterpieces have been made in the last years:

Hendrik Jacobs (Amsterdam 1699), Carlo Bergonzi (Cremona 1731), Petrus Guarnerius (Venice 17..), Matteo Goffriller (Venice 17..) Giuseppe Guarneri Del Ges˜: early model, Cremona c.1726), and a later model of the year 1741, Antonio Stradivari(Cremona 1714), G.B. Guadagnini (Milan 1758).

Violas / Altos:
Matteo Goffriller (body length 41.2cm), Andrea Guarneri (body 40.8cm), School-of Testore viola, Milan c.1780 (body 40.8 cm), Ferdinand Gagliano (body 41.1cm), Milanese Viola, around 1730 (body 42.7cm)

Giovanni Grancino (Milan c.1695) - copy by Susanne Riebesehl
Alessandro Gagliano (Naples)